North City Farmers’ Market: A great little piece of writing by a friend

My friend Thom Fletcher wrote a great little announcement for The North City Farmers’ Market. Thom lives in Old North St. Louis and I used to live there, and reading this made me wish I could be there with my ONSL family.

If you are in St. Louis, consider partaking in some of this on Saturday. Even in StL, how freaking often do you get to experience such incredible positive change like what’s going on in lovely, character-rich Old North St Louis?

Thom’s post:

“This Saturday is the last 2013 market day of the Old North Farmers Market. For those of you so atrophied and decrepit that you’ve mistaken the academic, rhetoric about immediate living for actual immediate living, here’s a defibrillator for your tired, tired heart. This Harvest Fest is scored by the Illphonics, with a cooking demo by Food Outreach, and Jamaican barbecue from Mi Hungry. Across the street is the first best historic soda fountain in St Louis, the Gateway to the West, Crown Candy, as well as the 5th Ward’s business of the year (and baked good blackbelts) La Mancha Coffee House. And then there’s the classic car show and skateboard event at Ye Ole Haunt where Stray Rescue will have the cutest damned dog there ready for adoption (make a good day perfect). Ask Ye Ole Haunt’s bartender about the hot wing challenge but you’d probably better not mention my name. Breath. And then stroll down Crown Square to where the 14th Street Artist Community celebrates their one year anniversary. THANK YOU 14TH ST ARTIST COMMUNITY!


as a 13th Street Gardener I can assure you that the harvest is bountiful. It’s been a good season for our farmers and our gardeners, and we are exhausted from our efforts. Please come and tell our growers, artisans and craftspersons that you love them. Tell Willie I said hi, and tell Armin you liked the beard. Tell Luz-Maria and Gloria you need in on some of them Ali Baba watermelons you keep hearing about. And tell your friends what you saw here.

Quite sincerely,

Your Pal Thom”


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