Lousy day

You have been back in your adopted city less than two hours, after a few days in your hometown. You are driving the shiny used car you’ve had for less than a month, and you permit yourself a rare moment of wondering whether moving to Detroit was really the best idea for you. At that moment, a large egg smacks the top of your car, and instantly paint-stripping egg entrails are dripping everywhere.

You spend $7.50 on a fancy car wash, and your car still smells like meringue.

You spend $1.69 on a good sized bottle of vinegar at the advice of a friend who tells you that’s what New York cabbies use for eggs, and stand in the Kroger parking lot wiping down your car. You sit in wet vinegar, and have to go to work not only late but smelling like a sandwich.

You spend the rest of the day trying to avoid Cowardly Lion style tail-wringing, repeating in your head again and again that omens aren’t real.

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  1. when car washing, i just use a high pressure cleaner and my own hands to clean off those hardened dirt~*,

  2. quite intriguing post

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