Metaphor for a river city

Last night, after Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s State of the City Address, I noted to a friend that I was surprised by the amount of wholly positive feedback. “I don’t mean that criticism is the only way, but it seems like many people are jumping right on board so easily.”

She reminded me that people aren’t used to hearing serious, constructive talk after Kwame, and that it’s a welcome change. Then, she added, “There is no cautious optimism in Detroit. You’re either on the boat or drowning behind it, cursing its existence. ‘If it wasn’t for that damn boat I would’ve learned to swim!'”

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  1. Great example of analogy! I really like it. Recently I started posting interestnig analogies I found on the web on I thought it could be a good idea to create a place where people can post interesting analogies. Check it out!

  2. analogy spammer? you attract some good trolls sister!

  3. I am going to let that one stay because it is so ridiculous.

    My goal is to attract an alliteration troll next time.

  4. Detroit Does Demolition Deeds Decisively.

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