A great idea for boostin’ a city: Bought in Detroit

Gotta love this simple, elegant, positive solution to a city’s image problem: Bought in Detroit

There is a widespread perception that “You can’t get anything in Detroit.” There is a near-total lack of national chain stores in the actual city of Detroit, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t places to shop. The availability and quality of goods varies widely by neighborhood–some areas truly are the stereotypical resource ghetto, while others have options that make you wonder why you’d ever waste your time at an overpriced, prepackaged, mass market big box. (Why did I ever pay for bread that wasn’t fresh baked from the baker?) Most areas fall somewhere in between.

Living in Detroit is about developing a new skill set around knowing where to get things. It is here, if you know where to look. Honestly, it’s a pretty fun skill set to develop, since it involves exploring the city, visiting independent businesses, and asking locals questions about their town.

So, Bought in Detroit! It’s straightforward: Take a photo of something you bought in Detroit, upload it to the site, and input the price and where you got it. Then, it’s up for everyone to browse, and hopefully for people to make useful discoveries. If you shop in Detroit this holiday season, consider uploading your finds to Bought in Detroit. You might help someone find what they need, whether it’s the tangible object you just purchased or a general realization that Detroit ain’t that bad.

(P.S. As of this posting, there’s a photo of deposed City Councilwoman Monica Conyers up on the site, with someone claiming they bought her at City Hall for $2. Very funny! Yep, the D is not that different from StL….)

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  1. Haven’t been to Detroit since the 80s..BID makes me want to visit. Hope you’re doing well and those feet aren’t getting you in trouble.

  2. It’s great. A lot like North StL–lots of problems, but lots of good people and creative energy.

    Yes, I’m well. No trouble…. yet. 😉

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