Federal Transit Administration says no to funding MetroBus

I’ve not written nearly as much (erm, at all) on the coming transit cuts on March 30th. Partially, I’ve been a bad blogger in general, but partially I’m just so upset I don’t even know where to begin.

A jumping-off point, then:

The St. Louis Beacon is reporting that the Federal Transit Administration has denied a request by East-West Gateway for Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds, in order to save a bit of the system. A lot of us have been crossing our fingers that this would come through. The funds have been denied because the agency says that this money is meant to be used for new routes to eliminate congestion, and the routes that Metro is proposing aren’t new. Instead, the routes replicate old ones that are being eliminated.

Um, after March 30, they will be new. After March 30, bus service will leave huge the area outside of 270, the Central Business District core, and other parts of the area. You can see the “Service to this BUS STOP is suspended” hoods over bus stop signs all over the metro area, like scattered tombstones. These aren’t bus stops anymore. But service here would not be technically new enough to get funded.

Moreover than splitting hairs over word usage, I really fail to see how giving St. Louis a few sorely, sorely needed bus routes would not help ease congestion, which is the entire point of this funding. Urgh.

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  1. Yeah that is weak. I have been delaying a too-close study of the new schedules just for fear of what kind of detrimental changes are being made/hope that they won’t have to. Urgh indeed.

  2. I’ve been a little slow in doing so myself. I do know that the #93 Midtown South County, which I use to get to work, is being eliminated. A Metro-savvy pal informs me that the #11 will take over service on Lindell, though.


  3. Wow, I didn’t realize they were eliminating the #93 altogether. A few of the closest stops to my house (which I never use, mostly because Metrolink is right there) have the tell-tale hoods on them. I think my route to work is pretty safe, since the bus part is in IL and the rest is just Metro-lankin’.

    Isn’t the #11 the Chippewa bus? Ugh, I don’t understand.

  4. Letter-writing campaign? If it comes down to it, protests? Maybe the FTA and all other government and state organizations with a hand in how this all plays out just need to hear a multitude of voices from the community – rather than from Metro itself – to see just how much of a difference a little funding could make towards saving our transit and serving St. Louisans.

    Certainly if it got down to protests, you’d have plenty of Countians re-examining their no vote on M last November.

  5. I don’t understand why we’re being punished when the City approved Prop M in 1997.

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