Bargain basement barge

Even during robust economic times in St. Louis, there are bargains to be had. I mean, geez, when I was looking for houses several years back, I looked at several that were well under $20,000.

When DHP Investments bought the exquisite Nord St. Louis Turn Verein several years back (before it burned under their intentionally, shamefully neglectful ownership), it was about $40,000.

But this one surprised me nonetheless, bad economy and all: The Robert E. Lee riverboat sold for $200,000 at auction. Geez. That’s less than a lot of locals I know have paid for their homes, to say nothing of people I know in non-rusty cities. And while a nice, red brick house doesn’t require as much maintenance as a riverboat, it also can’t travel up and down the Mississippi. Dang.

STLtoday’s got a brief video on the sale: Robert E. Lee riverboat sold

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  1. That is so hot. I remember when the Casino Queen was on sale (there was a video somewhere highlighting its features), and I longed for it. I know it was finally sold recently, and sent (literally) up the river for storage. I also wonder if the Goldenrod is still on the river out in St. Charles.

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