Mapping gender neutral bathrooms is creating a database and map of gender neutral bathrooms for folks who don’t identify with a binary gender. Gotta say, I’m impressed with the idea–I imagine that finding a place to just go to the bathroom can be a terribly frustrating quandary for people who don’t fall into a traditionally defined gender category.

 Here is the map for St. Louis.

The map is user-generated, so if you know of any bathrooms in St. Louis or another city that aren’t just a women’s or men’s room, please take a moment to add them! It’s a small but important task.

(Via Gapers Block.)

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  1. added one to the list. i prefer such spots because it’s true gender equality for restrooms: everybody waits!!

  2. I’ve heard about gender neutral bathrooms being created in high schools but not public places. I’ve never seen one, sadly, and even though I support having them in high schools I can’t imagine what it’s like to use it and walk out of it…

  3. Thanks, Lisa.

    Sassclown: Non-gendered bathrooms are fairly common, if you think in terms of single-seater unisex bathrooms. They don’t have to be something explicitly created as a safe zone, but just a plain ol’ restroom with both a dress figure and a pants figure on the sign.

  4. Just added another juicy one to the list. I doubt I’ll ever visit a gender-free bathroom again without thinking “I should add that one to the list…” Looks like STL has more locations listed than many (if the size of the text used to represent the name of our city on the right-hand side of the main site is any indication).

  5. […] can learn more about movements to include gender neutral bathrooms on these web sites (, which features a directory of gender neutral restrooms, is particularly […]

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