YES yes YESSSSS yes we CAN!

OH MY GOD Y’ALL YES YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! People were crying! People were screaming! Strangers were hugging! Up here on the Near North Side I STILL hear cars and even a train honking! Volunteering on the North Side for the Obama campaign over the last couple of days, I mean…. this….. we…….. to see so many people up here excited about politics, exercising their voting rights for the first time in so long (sometimes for the first time ever)…. to hear back from The Ville that there was a 95% turnout up there….. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. This. is. beautiful. This is what empowerment looks like.

I looove where I live, but living here and vacationing in places like Detroit and Gary does not exactly lead one to be able to express unqualified positive thoughts about one’s country. Walk out your front door and see people pushing shopping carts full of scrap metal up the street because that’s the only way they can find to feed themselves, see that on a regular basis, with a backdrop of making visits to abandoned factories where there SHOULD be jobs for these people, and seeing the ghosts of beautiful and ripe-for-activity small town downtowns that have been discarded over the course of a few short decades….. Like I said, I love it here, but usually my feelings about this country are smattered with asterisks. But tonight I am so, so proud to live here, so proud to be an American, so proud of all my friends and neighbors. YES WE CAN! We really, really can.

Yes we can, yes we did, yes yes YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did it! 

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  1. A beautiful post, full of the hope we are all feeling now. I was fortunate enough to be at Grant Park in Chicago and hear our new president elect’s first speech in that role. As exciting as that was—and it is a moment I will never forget—I have been just as excited to hear about the spontaneous celebrations in neighborhoods around the country. And indeed, around the world. We are all so very fortunate to be living in this most amazing time.

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