Beeeeloved local bookshop Left Bank Books is going to be opening a second shop DOWNTOWN this fall, with heavy support from developer-who-actually-gets-it Craig Heller.

A BOOKSTORE DOWNTOWN AGAIN, YOU GUYS! OH MY GOD! I hate it when people proclaim this over silly things, but damn it, this makes me feel like the city is back. This news makes me feel all sappy and dopey.

I know there is technically a bookstore on the northern edge of Downtown, but I’m sorry, a porn shop that’s got a couple of copies of Huck Finn on a rack in the front to make it look legit does not qualify as a downtown bookstore for a fairly big city. It just doesn’t. So yay—an actual bookstore that specializes in selling books (and good ones, for that matter). When I worked Downtown, I can’t tell you how often tourists would ask if we had a bookstore in the area, and there was no way in hell I was sending ‘em to that sketchy place. But Left Bank, that’s a place you can be happy to show to someone as being representative of our town.

I remember feeling sad when I was in Detroit earlier this year, when I discovered that they’ve got a downtown bookstore and we don’t. (Yes, Detroit is bigger and more populous, but St. Louis is much healthier overall.) But we are soon to have a place to get books in the central business district. That’s beautiful. And unlike Detroit, ours will be independent and local all the way, not an outpost of a national chain.

This is so great! Leftbankly goodness within a 30 minute walk of my apartment! This is going to be horrible for my pocketbook, but fabulous for my well-being.

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  1. “…a porn shop that’s got a couple of copies of Huck Finn on a rack in the front to make it look legit…”


  2. I want to say it’s on MLK, somewhere between the Post-Dispatch building and the City Museum. It might be on Delmar. I’ll check next time I’m over there–I used to pass it all the time, but now that Tucker’s closed I don’t see it as much. It’s a little tiny white one-story building. And I haven’t been, so I can’t vouch for what it’s like in there, but that’s what I hear (I have heard this from CHILDREN who live Downtown, actually, in case you wonder why I extra special hate the place. Yeah.).

  3. Really I just want a cheap copy of Huck Finn.

  4. Try just around the corner from PD building. I think there used to be one there. Be careful of Huck Finn, it will rot your brain.

  5. so great and exciting! and you’re right, it’s quite sad when a major downtown area lacks something as fundamental as a bookstore, a staple in any town.

  6. There was a book store in the 1200 blk of Washington St Amitins, I think it was called. The cancerous loft developers caused its demise along with Marte shoes, Gus’ Fashions, the Bodega, a very yummy BBQ restaurant on 11th an Washington. It seems as if the mom and pop type shops are coming back but I think Downtown has sold its soul for the yuppie luster that it has taken on. Aside from the fact that these lofties think that the homeless, who were there first; should be pushed out, there is also this air of entitlement as they block the sidewalks texting and sipping drinks. I enjoy Downtown but the parking is at times impossible, the construction is neverendeing and the boutiques are nauseating (English Living?). Bring back the mom and pop feel and then it will be a real downtown not Clayton east. Thank you left bank. Would have preferred Library LTD though.

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