Trivia question: glass houses

What two late-ish twentieth century buildings within the city limits (St. Louis, of course) were designed to look like the Crystal Palace?

I will buy a drink for the first person to answer correctly next time s/he shows up at Drinks and Mortar.

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  1. Saint Louis Centre and the Entrance Building to the Botanical Gardens. Also, A.G. Edwards has a building that reminds me of the Crystal Palace. Perhaps it is not very fair since I’m an art historian.

  2. Reminds me of Union Station or St. Louis Center.

  3. I would have to to say St. Louis Centre and the Botanical Gardens but it looks like chris got to it before me. I don’t think the A.G Edwards building looks to much like it but more like an ugly suburban shopping mall.

  4. I don’t like Sauget.

  5. Doug, have you been up all night?

  6. Main AGE building, has that same arched interior space. You should see it from the inside, not so ugly! Light and amazing views.

  7. Sleep when you’re dead.

  8. So what’s the answer?

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