Blairmont does pathetic “repairs” on Clemens Mansion; part of Clemens Mansion Chapel roof collapses.

Part of the roof of the chapel of the Blairmont-owned Clemens Mansion collapsed. (Thanks to Chris Naffziger for catching this.)

There’s information and video over at KSDK.

I went by to take a look:

From the east:

Up close:

Front and west facades:

Doesn’t seem to be an emergency condemn on it yet, but time will tell. It’s already condemned to be demolished according to Geo St. Louis, although I’m not sure a non-emergency condemn can go through on a building that’s got this level of historic status.

The big ha-ha funny punchline (once again, Blairmont’s joke is on the Near North Side) is that Blairmont was doing an absolute farce of “maintenance” just a couple of days prior, without a building permit and using the absolute wrong, brick-damagin’ kind of mortar to do the job. Can y’all say too little, too late?

Thank you so fucking much, Blairmont.

At this point, you can still save this house. You can sell, or you can at least do real, actual, legit mothballing and bracing work with serious contractors who know what they are doing. We know you have the money (Yes, you, McKee), so the question is: Do you respect us enough to preserve this building? I’ve got a pretty good idea what you think of me and my neighbors after I’ve spent recent nights agonizing over the sounds of your buildings going up in flames nearby, but I’m always willing to be positively, happily surprised.

You can still make this one right. The time to act is now.

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  1. Wrong mortar, I’m surprised he didn’t strap on some vinyl!

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