Saturday is International Pillow Fight Day

Yep. It is.

There’s a pillow fight planned in front of the Art Institute in the Chicago Loop, as well as numerous ones in other cities. Anyone want to take the lead on organizing one here, hmmm?

I absolutely loved this tidbit from the site’s “How to Organize a Massive Pillow Fight” guide, which could apply to all sorts of things:

“Our advice to anybody who has ever wondered is to never ask permission. This may change in the distant future if we witness some kind of crackdown against free events and interventions, but in the meantime, it is very unlikely that anybody will say yes. We must also remind you: the “permit culture” we citizens witness in city halls around the world is perhaps the single largest barrier to experiencing the full richness of public life in the cities we live in. Do not ask for permission, public assembly is a human right.”

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  1. No way. There’s no way someone would think they needed a permit for a pillow fight, is there? No way.

  2. if you attempt this in st. louis i’ll need a modest permit fee.

  3. So that’s what those people were doing when I was there on Saturday….

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