Yet another reason to live on the North Side: It’z cheep

Doug, knowing of my bordering-on-unhealthy fascination with the Baden neighborhood, sent me this Craigslist rental ad: Fully Rehabbed Single Family. It’s a duplex that’s been turned into a giant, three bedroom single family house. Okay, some of the rehab touches aren’t what I’d do myself (WTF did they do to that poor mantel?), but renters can’t always be choosers. If I weren’t looking to live roommatelessly next time I move, and if I weren’t so attached to my wonderful neighbors in Old North, and if this place would reconsider the no pets rule, I would SO live there. As it is, oh well.

A newly rehabbed dulpex for $750 a month, replete with a (remixed) mantel, a pocket door, walk-in closets…. If the phrase “move back to Chicago” ever comes out of my mouth when I’m talking to you, please slap me.

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  1. I’m bringing back Badenfest and it will be sexy.

  2. That is so awesome! Baden is one of my favorite neighborhoods, just for the “Wilkommen” sign alone. If only I knew of two other people to share the house with. The individual rent would be lower than what I pay now! (though granted, my Internet and cable are included in my current rent)

  3. That’s it, I’m moving.

  4. Well, I think Chicago has a fair amount to offer…but I certainly see your point! This reminds me of how I always want to brag about how cheap Chicago rent is to New Yorkers–“you can get a 3-bedroom in a decent neighborhood for $1000!”

  5. I would live in Baden in a heartbeat…this gives me hope for the future!

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