Venice High School demolition in progress!

Venice High School, the simple but gorgeous brown brick building in Venice, IL, is coming down.

It has teetered in a sort of liminal state of seems-like-it’ll-come-down for several years now. On Sunday night, it was still wholly intact, seeming like it might stand for several more years untouched. Last night, a huge section was missing off the end of it! Venice High School is coming down!

The western part of the building, which claims to have been built in 1917, is already rapidly on its way to oblivion. The eastern, later portion, which sports a fabulous art deco entranceway, is surely soon to follow.

People with cameras, I beg you: PLEASE GO PHOTOGRAPH THIS BUILDING AS SOON AS YOU CAN! I got a few hasty snaps, but it was dark and cold and my crappy little tiny camera hates dark and cold, so the pictures I got just don’t do the building justice. (And I am without a car, so getting over to even such nearby parts of Illinois is tricky for me.) Please, let’s document this place while we still can–we can’t keep its 3d physical reality alive, but at least we can offer some 2d images for the ages.

There is a map to Venice High School (along with a handful of demographics on the area) here.

One can see a few images of the older portion of the building here. I’ll try to post my few, janky images in the coming days. But take your car and your camera and get over there yourself, please!

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  2. I got a few shots today; I don’t know if they’re better than the ones you have. I did it pretty hastily.

  3. Great! I managed to get back in the daylight thanks to people with cars, so I’ll share what I have when I get back to StL. I look forward to seeing your pics!

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  5. Wow… I just seen the photos of the school in illnoishgloriousdays and it’s awesome…!!

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  7. […] received word that the Venice High School building was being demolished, so I rushed over and got some mediocre […]

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