Great names

Given the choice, would you rather work at the Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company or the Homestake Slime Plant? American Pulverizer or the ever-popular Injecto Mold?

(Side note: I did much photo-ing this morning around the Near North Side in the dense fog. Hope to post some shots soon. Man, and I thought the landscape of my neighborhood was surreal in NORMAL weather….)

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  1. The fog was excellent. Sunday night was pretty cool as well. In the evening, I was driving down 44 heading east and the top of the Arch was not visible. It seemed that the the Arch was actually two free standing beams. Pretty cool!

  2. I gotta say it’s a tough choice between american pulverizer and injecto-mold. i guess it depends: am i feeling particularly angry or somewhat calm when someone asks me?

  3. None of the above. I’d rather be the punk rock trombonist for Bad Spatula, whose first album will feature a photo of the town limits sign for Flippin, Arkansas.

    and yes, the fog was lovely. why is it that I find the grey so depressing and the fog so uplifting?

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