Get Born’s last reading of 2007

This has been e-mailed or myspace bulletined to me so many times by so many people, I could almost stop reading myspace bulletins because I know what most of them are going to be even before I click.

Get Born is an assortment of locals who perform and publish punk rock beat poetry. I enjoyed their first zine, which was given to me on a city bus by Joe Sullier’ (There’s the carless connection). Everything I’ve heard about their readings has been good, and the crop of familiar names and faces involved with the project is rich with people who tend to make me go “Well, if she worked on this, I need to check it out.”

So, tonight I’m finally, finally checkin’ it out. Here’s the info:

Get Born

December, 3 2007 at Duffs Restaurant
392 N. Euclid, St.Louis, Missouri 63108
Cost : 2.00
6:00 P.M.!

Featuring: Joseph Sulier’, Matthew Freeman, Ben Stegman, Joe Wetteroth, Mathieu Paul, Kelsey, Ken Brown, Brock, Nick Zengerling, Matt Questionmark, Jason Wallace Triefenbach, Brett Underwood, Ashley Hohmann, Stefene Russell, Vernon Brown, Charles, Pete Stein, TBA. Also the blues stylings of The Rumdrum Ramblers

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  1. I believe Charles’s last name is Evans (or in any case, I have been made aware that Charles Evans is to read tonight). He was sort of a last-minute addition/subtraction/re-addition, though.

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