“The tower also won’t be the first giant cross in the area.”

Tonight, the Alton City Council will vote as to whether a church can construct a new cell phone tower on its property, in the form of a 95 foot tall cross. Read more at the Post-Dispatch’s website.

This is nothing new, and not just because we’ve got plenty of giant crosses around here already (According to the article, the one in Effingham is about 200 feet tall.). For several years now, cellphonemongers have been trying to find ways to disguise their towers, to limited success. There’s a suspiciously way too thick, putty-ish colored “flag pole” with a big flag on top of it on the North Side near MLK and Hodiamont, for example. But the flag pole seems downright tame compared to some of the other examples: other giant crosses and cartoonishly fake trees, for example.

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  1. Ugh. The Effingham cross. I drove by that horrid thing dozens of times over the course of a couple years. The religious folks who put it up could have done a lot of good with that $1 million and their effort and time. Instead they erected an eyesore.

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