I forget

Among recent additions to the Curious Feet blogroll:

Forgotten Chicago (via Gapers Block)

Forgotten Detroit

Forgotten NY (thanks to Jeff Vines)

So, dear readers, are there any other noteworthy forgottens out there that we don’t know about?

Or, better yet: What forgottens should there be? Forgotten Skokie? Forgotten Ballwin? Forgotten Oconomowoc? Hm? (Serious and not-so-serious suggestions are welcome.)

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  1. Here’s a great site on Baltimore:


    I lived there for a year and visited it often afterwards, and it’s a fascinating city on par with St. Louis in regards to architecture and interesting ruins. In particular, the section on street trackage is very cool.

  2. Forgotten Times Beach? I don’t know of a website on this area (it was not far from Fenton and Valley Park), but it was evacuated in 1982 due to toxic waste being found there.

  3. You know, a Forgotten Ballwin is not so crazy. The original, old town of Ballwin with a nearly 150 year old street gird and historic buildings (including a Masonic Lodge) was completely erased from existence a few years back to build a strip mall, entitled–you guessed it–“Olde Towne Ballwin.”

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