Toledo, OH in two snaps

Two views of Toledo, Ohio, as captured by Joe Tordiff from Farmington, Utah.

Morning–Maumee River


See more of Joe’s photos here, and specifically check out his First Name Basis Signage Project here.

I’d like to make a habit of using this blog to share photos I come across that show place in an interesting way. Consider this the first installment in an occasional and highly irregular series. Thanks for getting this feature rolling, Joe!

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  1. Man, what kind of lens does his camera have to be able to capture subjects so clearly from six states away? (Yuk yuk)

    Have you ever watched this? Also, if HTML doesn’t work in comments here, I’m talking about this:

  2. Toledo is rad.

    Hey, you should add this website to the New York links page:

    Any urban lover will appreciate it!


  3. To clarify, I asked about whether you’d seen that French movie not out of sheer self-promotion, but because I think it “show[s] place in an interesting way” (this was one of my primary goals with the thing, anyway). I’ve probably pestered you about watching it before, though…heck, maybe you’ve already told me you did and I’m just forgetful.

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