“as a magnifying glass focuses the rays of the sun, so the city brings all of our talents together…”

A few years ago, at the Archigram exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, I came across a little tidbit I really especially liked. It was on a poster which was, in typical Archigram fashion, so dense with information as to mimic the delightful cacophony of a bustling city street itself. Buried in the (delectably) cacophonous sea of information and color on the page was (approximately) this sentence: A CITY IS THE GRAND COMING TOGETHER OF ALL THINGS.

I read that, and I wanted to run out into the street and shout it. There, in the Chicago Loop, where the streets ripple with pedestrians and the skyscrapers meet the water, it seemed like that statement could not possibly be any truer.

I got that same sort of feeling when I read a passage on cities that Aaron Belz found, posted here: my kind of preacher. Highly recommended reading–it’s one of the best, most “That’s exactly it!” pieces of writing on cities that I’ve read in quite a while. (And it’s short.)

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