A Walkaholic’s best friend on the web: Google Pedometer

One of my favorite toys out there on the web, hands down, is Google Pedometer.

It’s pretty simple: You find the place where you started walking, you click “Start recording,” and you double click where you walked until your route is done. You can save the map of your walking route, and you can also find out exactly how far you walked and about how many calories you burned. It doesn’t make you stick to the street grid, either–you can input that you cut across a vacant lot, or even a highway or river, and the site will not question you.

I like to sit down with Google Pedometer after a long walk and find out exactly how far I went. This is how I found out that I walked about 2.5 miles on my lunch break yesterday (From the library to Allied Photocolor, and back, with a couple of detours). I especially like to use it when I’m visiting Chicago, where a friend and I often challenge ourselves to see how far we can go on a given street. The site makes both my inner walkaholic and my inner map fiend happy at the same time. Fun stuff.

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