Dewey Decimal Drinks, this Thursday at Rrrriley’s.

Several months back, I started a monthly happy hour for librarians (and bookish types). It’s called Dewey Decimal Drinks. The next one is this Thursday, November 8. If you are or ever have been a librarian (or archivist, publisher, writer, English teacher, obsessive reader, etc), please consider stopping by. The turnout has been pretty good so far, and I’ve met some new friends and had some really good times. Here is the announcement:

It’s that time again: Boozin’ for books!

This Thursday, Nov 8, is the next Dewey Decimal Drinks.

We will meet starting at 7pm at Riley’s Pub, 3458 Arsenal (just east of Grand). The place is accessible via the #30 Soulard and #70 Grand buses. Riley’s is the kind of place that feels like my neighborhood pub even though it ain’t in my neighborhood. They have big, tall wooden booths and St. Louis style pizza that is actually good. They’re giving us a drink special this month (on a microbrew, methinks). I’m excited, and I hope you can make it.

Bookishly yours,
Claire-ian the Librarian

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  1. You know, I want to come to this kind of badly, and even went to work later so as to leave later and stop by on my way home, but as it happens I just recalled that: I have no cash and (I think) just over $4 in my bank account, and of course this event is at a bar, where you feel obliged (if not pestered, if not required) to buy drinks and if you don’t you feel like a cad for using their facilities and costing them so much heartache and money. So, I might just wait ’til next time…

  2. Rob, if you come by I will buy you a drank. If you can’t make it, though, I won’t be offended. 🙂

  3. Rob McGee also said he’d buy me one, so maybe I’ll come after all? I wonder what’s worse, feeling like a cheapskate because you need to have yer friends buy you drinks, or feeling like a cheapskate because a waitress/bartender at a bar gives you the evil eye for saying “I don’t want anything.”

    I REALLY only said I was broke cuz I wanted people to shower me with free drinks. My bank account is actually overflowing. They called me yesterday to say that there’s too much money in it.

  4. They don’t call ’em silver dollar pancakes for nothin’.

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